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Generic Viagra (also called sildenafil citrate; brand names are Aphrodil /Edegra / Erasmo /Penegra/ Revatio / Supra / Silagra / Zwagra), is a special drug that was created to struggle with difficulties in men’s sexual performance. This medicine can be met under various generic names of sildenafil citrate, which deserved highest rates in sexual dysfunction treatment. Pharmacy offers such effective medication providing a client with info on dosage, period of consuming and general recommendations concerning consuming Viagra. The top advantage of the generic sildenafil or simply Viagra is its universality in terms of patient’s age and period of his sexual weakness’s presence. If you wish to receive some more pharmacy info or buy Viagra, you should try to visit the generic Viagra online website.

Above and beyond, if you are interested in buying Viagra, you should keep in mind that an online purchase is a good decision only in case the seller is conscientious. To avoid fraud, you have to be exceedingly careful making a choice among many vendors. It is an open fact that Viagra is extremely popular among charlatans. The right thing to do is to find a trustworthy online pharmacy. At least, you already know that the generic name for Viagra is sildenafil citrate, which may help you in distinguishing between right and wrong products.


Sildenafil Citrate Is the Generic name of Viagra

It is no secret that Viagra is not the only name of the drug increasing male potency. Buying Viagra, Revatio or Silagra, you actually get the same generic drug that has a valued active component called sildenafil citrate. Many people who are suffering from ED are just too embarrassed to let other people know about this problem, so they are condemned to suffer even more without any ways to resolve this issue. The good news is that Sildenafil is open for sale online and it is possible to get your pills without leaving your house or visiting a pharmacy. The sildenafil dosage depends on the age and weight of a patient. Though, the dosage of the generic sildenafil is quite different from the one of the Viagra brand, so in case of the ED patients need to take several capsules at a time. The starting dosage of sildenafil is, as a rule, 50 mg. However, Sildenafil citrate 100 mg is the further suggested dose for men having trouble with erections for enhanced effectiveness. This amount of sildenafil citrate are capable of preparing a man for the sexual intercourse by increasing his levels of erection quality and even lowering the anxiety levels. This irreplaceable aid can be required in the life course of almost every man. That is why we consider it a positive fact that nowadays anyone is able to buy sildenafil online.

Nonetheless, the best way to find out if 100mg of sildenafil citrate is not too much for you, is to consult your doctor instead of trying to decide on the dosage by yourself. A professional therapist will prescribe 25, 50 or 100 mg of the sildenafil on the assumption of a patient’s overall health condition and his physicality.


Where to Buy Cheap Viagra Online

No wonder that the escalating life tempo and lack of time to dedicate to personal issues has tuned population in on ordering staff via the Internet. When it comes to some kind of personal issues as, for example, erectile dysfunction, not every man is capable of going outside and looking into the pharmacist’s eye. Consequently, purchase of Viagra online saves valuable time and energy, since you do not have to stroll from pharmacy to pharmacy and ask for the looked-for medicine. Another good point is that you get your product delivered at your door. As for the question where to buy Viagra saving some money, several facts should be considered. First of all, cheap generic Viagra is manufactured in India, what makes it cheaper by 80% compared to its branded equivalents. People tend to order Viagra from home due to a great bargain opportunity.

At the present day, there is a variety of health shops and pharmacies available online. You are free to choose between different stores like Walgreens, AccessR etc. It is practicable to check on the rates that are offered by online shops, choose the best price and only then order Viagra online. Using such a method a client is enabled to get the optimal balance between quality and price, which increases his chances for your overall satisfaction. Furthermore, the medications are transported in a safe nicely-wrapped package.


Over the Counter Viagra Information

Another hot query relates to where to buy Viagra pills without prescriptions. First of all, as it was already mentioned, the best way to gain effective and safe results is to rely on doctor’s advice. But what if you have no opportunity to visit a doctor? In this case, it is strongly recommended to learn how generic Viagra works, familiarize oneself with contraindications and check out side effects that otc Viagra may have on human body. Any kind of Viagra, generic or brand, loosens up the body tissues and it amplifies the blood flow towards the certain parts of the body. Over the counter Viagra should not be used in case of health issues connected to chest or heart. Keep in mind that nitrate drug consumption is incompatible with Viagra due to the fact that both these medications decrease blood pressure levels, what may lead to extreme consequences. In addition, previous to taking viagra pills sold over the counter, a person should make sure that he doesn’t meet the following contraindications:

  • increased or decreased levels of blood pressure
  • recent records of heart stroke or heart malfunction
  • kidney or liver ailments
  • gastric ulcer
  • any kind of abnormality of the penis
  • blood loss disease
  • inability to have sex due to health conditions

    How to Get Free Trial Viagra Samples

    Viagra is a branded name of a generic product formed with regard to the norms of the World Health Organization. It is created in the course of repeal synthesis of the substance called sildenafil citrate, which allows attaining completely different aims in contrast to other ways of sildenafil synthesis. Due to this process, by means of Viagra such diseases as erectile dysfunction can be treated more swiftly than with any other drug. On average, it gives an about 40-minute reaction, which is an extremely favorable result in comparison with other medications.

    Of course, you should be captivated by the idea of getting the quality merchandise. Firstly, find a trustworthy online store. Such stores usually have lots of feedback and may even accept Viagra promotion coupons. Try to find an online Viagra pharmacy in your country, and if you are unable to do this, try a foreign shop. Another good sign is that respectable stores often sell Viagra samples and mini trials. Such Viagra trials can be found on special promotional websites with coupons and information on sales that are going on.